Welcome to Odd Moon Creatives! We are here to help you create. We offer workshops on various types of arts and crafts. These workshops will range from children to adults. Our studio time offers access to various 3D and Resin Printers, painting supplies, heat press, and vinyl cutting machines. Classes will be listed in the Shop for purchase when available. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and make an appointment to stop by.



What Sets Us Apart

Odd Moon does not focus on a single type of art, we offer a variety of classes where creatives can be themselves and do what they love!


Offering a variety of classes that include all of the supplies incorporated into the cost. Studio time offered for more established artists. Beginner classes that deal with just the basics. Artists of all stages are welcome at Odd Moon.

Textile Arts

Here at Odd Moon we love to create with anything and everything. We will offer classes that show you the beauty of fabrics and yarn, and the tranquil peace that is cross stitch and embroidery. 

Crafting of All Kinds

From kids crafts to witch crafts, Odd Moon does it all. We are creatives that love the process of making, and the satisfaction of seeing the final product. Our offerings have few boundaries.